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Antibody Type Abbreviations
MABMonoclonal antibody
PABPolyclonal antibody
HASHyperimmune antiserum
Purification Abbreviations
TIGTotal Immunoglobulins
IGAImmunoglobulin A
IGGImmunoglobulin G
IGMImmunoglobulin M
IGYImmunoglobulin Y
NANot Applicable
Passage History Abbreviations
EEmbryonated chicken eggs
CMDCK cells
MMonkey Kidney Cells
Sample Material Abbreviations
AEC Alveolar Epithelial Cells
BAL Bronchoalveolar lavage
BLO Blood
CCF Combined cloacal and fecal
CCO Combined cloacal and oral-pharyngeal
CCT Combined cloacal and tracheal
CLO Cloacal
FEC Feces
FIB Fibroblast Cells
LLF Lung lavage fluid
Sample Material Abbreviations Cont.
LUN Lungs
NAL Nasal lavage
NAS Nasal swab
NEC Nasal Epithelial Cells
NTS Combined nasal throat swab
ORP Oral-pharyngeal
OTH Other; append free text to describe
OTT Other tissue
PLS Plasma
RCS Rectal swab
Sample Material Abbreviations Cont.
SER Serum
SLU Slurry
SPC Soft Palate Cells
SOI Soil
SPU Sputum
TEC Tracheal Epithelial Cells
TFB Tissue from brain
TFH Tissue from heart
TFL Tissue from liver
TFS Tissue from spleen
TFT Tissue from trachea
TLN Tissue from lymph node
TNC Tissue from nasal cavity
TRS Tracheal swab
WAT Water
U Unknown

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