Dr. Andrew Bowman Featured on the Today Show

As part of their “Today Fights the Flu” segment, the Today Show recently aired an interview with Dr. Andrew Bowman of The Ohio State University and the St. Jude CEIRS Center (SJCEIRS). Dr. Bowman and his team from the Animal Influenza Ecology and Epidemiology Research Program (AIEERP) have collected samples from nearly 3,000 swine across 100 county fairs to investigate influenza epidemiology at the human-swine interface. Dr. Bowman points out to the reporter that every pandemic influenza virus originated from cross-species transmission. By studying the bidirectional transmission of influenza, researchers hope to better inform preventive strategies to protect public and animal health. The footage also features Dr. Jacqueline Nolting of The Ohio State University and SJCEIRS.

Watch the interview below or at the Today Show website.