Dr. David Topham Discusses COVID-19 Antibody Testing on TODAY

Dr. David Topham, Principal Investigator at the New York Influenza Center of Excellence (NYICE), was interviewed by NBC’s TODAY as part of an article on the process of coronavirus antibody testing. Antibody tests can be used to determine if a person had a past coronavirus infection. TODAY notes that while more than 150 antibody tests are being sold, only eight have been authorized for use by the FDA. Dr. Topham advised consumers to do their research before undergoing testing. Consumers should do research online to ensure that the test maker is credible and whether they have experience making other FDA-approved tests. He also notes that there are still questions about whether a person with coronavirus antibodies is protected from reinfection.

To help answer this question, Dr. Topham and NYICE have been funded by NIAID to study the immunity of COVID-19. The aims of the study will be to determine if a person who has recovered from COVD-19 is immune from reinfection and how long a vaccine could provide protection from the virus. Persons interested in participating in the COVID immunity study should visit the study website.