Dr. Daniel Perez Guest Edits a Special Issue of the Viruses Journal

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Viruses is accepting manuscripts for a Special Issue of the journal focusing on virus-host interactions that lead to interspecies transmission and, ultimately, the emergence of zoonotic and pandemic pathogens. Dr. Daniel Perez, the Georgia Research Alliance Distinguished Investigator and the Caswell S. Eidson Chair in Poultry Medicine at the University of Georgia and an investigator with the CRIP Center, is the Guest Editor of the Special Issue entitled, “Viral Cross-Species Transmission”. Basic and applied research that relates to the pathogenesis, transmission, or host response at the human-animal or animal-animal interface is of interest for the issue as well as any work on improvements to diagnostic methods and intervention strategies for novel pathogens. Manuscripts are being accepted until December 15, 2020; details and submission instructions can be found online here.