Dr. Mohamed Ali receives the Egyptian State Merit Award for his work on infectious disease surveillance

Professor Mohamed Ali is a virologist and the director of the Centre of Excellence for Influenza Viruses at the National Research Centre in Egypt, as well as a SJCEIRS collaborator. He was recently recognized with the prestigious State Merit Award from the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology in Cairo for his extensive research on zoonotic infectious disease.

Dr. Ali at the National Research Centre in Egypt

Dr. Ali has been working on avian influenza surveillance in both domestic poultry and wild birds since 2008, with a focus on vaccine development. In addition, he has worked on determining the incidence and prevalence of avian influenza infection in humans, specifically poultry farmers. Dr. Ali is also a leader in coronavirus research. Since 2012, he has been researching zoonotic MERS-CoV in camels, bats, and humans. This year, he initiated a study assessing transmission of SARS-CoV-2 within households. This research promises to be a critical contribution to worldwide research on SARS-CoV-2 behavior in different geographic locations.