A key goal of the CEIRS network is to provide influenza-related data, strategies, and public health tools needed to control and reduce the impact of epidemic influenza and the threat of a potential pandemic. To do so, data generated by the CEIRS community must be standardized, harmonized, and shared both within the network as well as with the scientific and general public. Sharing relevant data quickly will not only be key to promoting and accelerating scientific discovery, but also will be necessary to curb the threat of a potential pandemic. CEIRS investigators share their research by publishing their findings in peer-reviewed journals, by sharing reagents developed in their laboratories and by submitting their data to a number of public databases, including GenBank, Influenza Research Database (IRD), and Immunology Database and Analysis Portal (ImmPort).

CEIRS Clinical Site Support on the DMID-CROMS Website

The DMID-CROMS CEIRS Website provides a web-based repository of research resources and standardized procedures for all activities associated with the conduct of clinical research that is supported under the NIAID CEIRS contract.
As of January 1, 2015 we have a new Web address: https://www.dmidcroms.com/sites/ceirs/SiteAssets/Landing.aspx. Be sure to update any bookmarks or shortcuts as needed.

Services include:
Essential Regulatory Documents (ERD) Support
Protocol Development
Investigator and Site Training
Clinical Quality Management (CQM)